Will YOUR MLM Company Really Send You The Checks You've Earned??

"Your '5 Pillars of Success' CD helped me make a solid decision on the company I now call home. I'm having success I never had before. Without this CD, I'd have made another bad choice, with more failure. You should charge WAY more than $19.90!"

-- Fran Santoro, Pennsylvania

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"This Is The Information That Did It For Me!"

I thought I was in two good home-business opportunities. I thought they would both bring me thousands of dollars with only a few hours of work a day.

When I heard Michael Dlouhy describe the "Five Pillars of Success" in any home-based business company, I immediately knew that both of my opportunities were a sham. They were illegal pyramid schemes designed to look like network marketing companies.

I was so angry! I had wasted four months of my life and $1000 on advertising trying to build someone else's wallet. I learned a very important lesson from this information.

Tom West

In a little over 1 hour on the "5 Pillars of Success" CD
training, you will learn the following:

  • The key factor to look for in your network marketing company management.
  • A prime example of how reps get mezmerized by management ... and wind up losing big.
  • All the key facts you MUST know about a company - and where those facts are readily available.
  • Why it's so critical that your company management have downline building experience.
  • The quick, easy way to get your company to change a policy you don't like.
  • Signs that that tell you your company is about to make big changes that will impact your income.
  • Being too soon or too late will cost you time & money. How to evaluate the "timing" in joining a company.
  • A simple online tool you can use to determine whether the timing is right for a product.
  • Why it's so critical your company have an overseas presence ... and it's NOT for profit!
  • One of the biggest mistakes many companies make ... if they do this, their VENDORS can steal your downline!
  • How to attract people to YOU as a sponsor.
  • How to sponsor reps who don't even KNOW or CARE what company you're with.
  • If a company does THIS, watch out! They are actively STOPPING leaders from developing.
  • Why MLM is NOT a sales business - and what happens if you try to turn it into one.
  • How to find the best people.
  • The key feature to look for in a comp plan ... this feature means you have a chance to be massively successful.
  • When to walk away from a company
  • The BEST basis for your commission - it's very advantageous to you if a company figures it this way.
  • What you MUST do before you can evaluate a comp plan.
  • What to look for in a product & the BEST way to choose your product.
  • Why you should look for the Purple Cow in Texas!
  • A big product mistake most networkers make.
  • The biggest mistake everybody makes in network marketing, and how to avoid it.
  • Why you should build leaders, not steal them.
  • A successful system you can use.
  • What some crazy people in this business say ...
  • And much, much more!

"Many Thanks For This Much-Needed,
Highly Valuable Education"

As a Financial / Business Advisor, I thought I was highly trained in the area of conducting "due diligence." That's what I DO for my clients. I also felt I pretty much knew all the ins and outs and loopholes when it came to EVALUATING any Network Marketing Company.

I was dead wrong! This CD makes me feel like I've gone back to Business University! We discover that, if "any" of the identified "5 Pillars" are missing, when evaluating a company - the chances of achieving success in that company are very poor.

As a planned project, industry legend Michael Dlouhy - during his 26-years in this industry - joined over 100 NWM companies. He learned all the "dirty little secrets". Wow! Michael, Dave Cones & Richard Dennis take us to places we "must" know about to ever accomplish the success we deserve in our Home Businesses.

Peter Arnold

"Because of This Information,
I've Found The Last Business I'll Ever Need!"

Listening to this information gives you a crystal ball when it comes to picking the right business opportunity. Because of it, I have found the last business I'll ever need. Thanks so much.

Dr. Herb Oliver

"'Five Pillars' Taught Me How To Wade
Through The Corporate Gobbledegook!"

The "Five Pillars of Success" information has been crucial to me in evaluating network marketing companies. Michael explains so clearly how to look for a home company suited to your particular personality traits.

Different makes of cars suit different people, and different kinds of network marketing companies suit different personalities.

I learned from Michael how to wade through the corporate gobbldegook. He is a real find. Michael actually tells the truth about network marketing!

David Trujillo

"5 Pillars" Gives You a Simple Way To Evaluate
ALL The Areas Critical To Your Long-Term Success

I'm really serious about creating long-term, walk-away (residual) income. Michael's "5 Pillars" training helped me recognize all the areas I need to evaluate to get the result I want.

A lot of people make poor choices based on emotions and limited information in 1 or 2 areas that are important to them. They don't consider ALL the areas that are critically important from a business perspective.

And if you've struggled in the past, "5 Pillars" helps you realize that 'failure' wasn't your fault! The deck was stacked against you.

This realization helps get your belief and confidence level back and you get back on the road to success much quicker.

Mike Duffey

"Without '5 Pillars', I'd Spend A Good
Chunk of My Life Struggling & Frustrated."

Without "5 Pillars", I probably would have decided that network marketing worked for others, but I could never be successful at it.

I used to think compensation plans and policies of major network marketing companies were all pretty much the same, and the percentage paid to distributors was just about the same.

But I now know this was just my optimistic, trusting pre-conceived notion - and far from truth. Thanks to "5 Pillars of Success." When I run into another networker, I cannot help telling him or her about "5 Pillars."

Mayumi Koide

"Picking The Right Company Was Critical For Me"

I knew I'd get wealthy in the right place. The problem was, I had no real idea what to look for.

I'd find a company with part of the answer here and part of the answer there, but never the whole package. Heck ... I didn't even know what the whole package should look like.

I was confused. Without the knowledge and understanding of what to look for in choosing my company ... my home ... I was likely to spend my money and time in the wrong place.

When I finally heard the "5 Pillars" training, the picture began to focus. It gave me substantial information to search out my lifetime company, the vehicle for success.

Michael's training helped me make a solid decision on the company I now call home. I'm having success I never had before. Without this training, I'd have made another bad choice with more failure.

Instead, I have a place I'm proud to call home and proud to tell people about. I can easily point out the "5 Pillars" that give me the security for my future.

Fran Santoro

"All I Can Say is 'WOW', Michael!"

You sure know how to get down in the dirt and tell it like it is.

Learning about the "5 Pillars" has been a turning point in my 9+ year NWM career. Thanks for putting the power back into the hands of distributors everywhere... companies have been having their way with us for far too long.

Your information has given me the knowledge and skills I was missing! I can now make the moves to get what I want most of all ... a worry free retirement.

Thank-you for being you.

Andrea Goodsaid

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